Of Steam, Steel and Murder
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A podcast presentation of our groups actual-play role playing sessions. We play in a variety of genres and systems, both long campaigns and one-shot adventures. Our cast of players come from all over the globe and we introduce new voices from our audience as they wish to play.

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    Pigsmoke Session 9

    Our PbtA antics continue with another episode on the campus of Pigsmoke U! Join the faculty (Joshua, Marcus, Stephen, and Nick) as they try and avoide yet another catastrophe!

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    Action Movie World a PbtA game

    Another foray into the PbtA style games - this time via the lens of Action Movies! I'm joind by : John, Stephen, and Joshua as we make mockery of a popular 80s trope.

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    The Wages of Sin session 2

    We continue with our Noir game using the Indiana Jones system by TSR. The players were: Kym, Tod, and John

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    Pigsmoke Session 8

    Join us for the next foray into accademic chaos with Pigsmoke, a Powered by the Apocalypse game. We continue on from session 7 sans Stephen who was not able to make it. We do pick up a Joshua for this episde though! Players: NIck, Joshua, and Marcus

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    Pigsmoke Session 7

    Our academic misadventures continue in the next chapter of Pigsmoke a Powered by the Apocalypse game.

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    Pigsmoke Session 6

    We return to the Pigsmoke Campus as the Book of Pure Evil is released! Players were : Nick, Joshua, and Marcus.

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    PigSmoke session 5

    We start with Joshua and Stephen, add Marcus ... and Stephen drops. Rough night for 'tech but we push on with the next story in our PigSmoke setting!

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